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About Chinese Herbal Medicine

The fact that plants are a major source of manydrugs is not a surprise to most. Penicillin comes from mold, aspirin from the bark of the white willow, and Vincristine, one of most effective cancer drugs is also plant-derived (from periwinkle).  Before modern medicine, plants and herbs were used to cure body ailments in many cultures.

Chinese herbal medicine uses roots, stem, bark, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds from many plants, as well as some mineral and animal products for medical purposes.

Unlike pharmaceuticals, most of Chinese herbs have no adverse side effects. Some of them come from the food that we use daily. This makes them safe, even for long term treatments for chronic health issues. And also Chinese herbs are safe for people of all ages, including children and pregnant women. 

Time tested natural therapy

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the oldest forms of health care in the world. It is based on over 3000 years of clincial experience and chinese herbology study.

Different herbal formulas have been effectively used for full range of medicinal disease, including respiratory, digestive, urinary, gynecological, pediatic, as well as demotology, speeding healing, and strengthening the immune system.

In China, the state hospitals use traditional Chinese medicine along with western medicine to treat various ailments and sickness.

The beauty of herbal formula

Every single herb has its own characteristics and effects. Combining different herbs helps to increase their potency and minimize any unwanted consequences.

Chinese herbal medicine's strenth is in its ability to treat the root of the disorder and it allows for a profound impact on health with minimal side effects.

Modern technique make it more convenient

For thousands of years, herbs have been decocted into a soup. Now the raw herbs are processed into granular form that does not require additional cooking. Patients can simply dissolve granules into hot water and drink it. Granules are similar in effectiveness to raw herbs, but more convenient to prepare.